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  • Charles Inglis

    Charles Inglis Sept. 30, 2021, 2:36 a.m. (Message 72075)

    Mobile SCD Cribs

    Hi All,
    I am please to announce that the Mobile SCD Cribs app is now in
    production and is available in both the Apple Apps Store and the
    Google Play Store.
    Information about the app can be found at <>
    I would like to thank Anselm, Keith Rose, David Haynes and Lydia Hedge
    for their help and suggestions in developing the app.  Also, I would
    like to thank the members of the strathspey mailing list who
    volunteered to be beta testers for the app.
    The app is an attempt to provide easy “mobile� access to some of
    the basic features of the SCDDB.  Let me know if you have any
    suggestions for additional functions for app and I’ll look into
    adding the functions.
    For those of you who have access the Apple devices that use the new M1
    chip, the app can be downloaded and used on those devices as well.
    Please contact me at xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx <mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx> if
    you find any problems / issues with the app.
    One small bug, which I will be fixing in the next few days, is that
    the app may not load the dances you attempt to add to your dance list
    and not inform you why.  This happens when the SCDDB server is
    overloaded and isn’t immediately responding.  If this happens, just
    wait for a few minutes and try again (this happens infrequently).
    To access the app on the google play store search for 'mobile SCD
    cribs' or click on this link
    s?id=ca.rscdsottawa.mobile_cribs <
    To access the app on the google apple store search for 'mobile SCD
    cribs' or click on this link
    cribs/id1569432915 <
    Charlie Inglis 

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