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  • Rod Downey

    Rod Downey July 9, 2011, 1 a.m. (Message 61078)

    Re: Tandem Reels (was Re: Reels in Bishop of Columbus)

    On Fri, 8 Jul 2011, Heiko Schmidt wrote:
    > SNIP
    > Chris Ronald gives a nice overview over the history of the terms shadow, 
    > tandem, dolphin and falcon reels in his book "12 Scottish County Dances".
    > According to that Barry Skelton used the term "tandem reels" first in the 
    > publication of "Pelorus Jack" in RSCDS Book 41.
    In that account Chris says ``And the last step in the evolution came with
    Pelorus Jack, by Barry Skelton which had half reels of three with changes 
    of the lead in each corner.''
    I am not sure that is quite correct in that, in a 4 couple dance, ``The 
    Capercaille'' Barry Priddy had 4 diagonal
    swapover reels (of 4), and I had similarly one  in 
    the Island Bay book called ``The Silkie''(inspired by the flight of the
    falcon; I did not know of the Capercaille at that time). 
    As with the tourbillon, it is 
    clear that this is Priddy's formation. It is unfortunate that because of
    the penetration of the RSCDS books compared to privately published ones
    formations often become attributed to the first RSCDS source rather than
    the original place someone published. Witness inverted double triangles
    which many think occurred in the nurseryman whereas they can be found much 
    earlier in Garry Morris' Jig by Alec Hay who also gave us set and link. 
    (On the othert hand, these are not
    scientific papers and we don't need a literature review at the beginning
    of each dance description! But henceforth I have decided that, if I write 
    a dance ``borrowing'' a formation, or at least being inspired by one,
    I will attribite this fact.)
    Lately we have been doing acheological digs into many of the
    earlier devisors books, particularly Hay, Foss, Priddy, Cosh, Boyd
    and have found many ``recent'' ideas.
    Rod Downey

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