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  • campbell

    campbell Aug. 8, 2008, 11:52 a.m. (Message 53345)

    RE: New threads please... (was: Re: Frequent dance list)

    Cord Walter wrote:
    >Campbell Tyler schrieb:
    > I have just hit the 200 programme mark, so time to publish an update.
    >Maybe I am a bit picky here, but I would appreciate that if someone 
    >starts a new topic he/she also starts a new thread instead of reusing an 
    >old thread [1] and just change the subject?
    >I made a screenshot to illustrate the point:
    >Just makes reading/organising the posts easier...
    As the guilty party in this instance, all I can say is sorry but it is in
    total ignorance that I do that.  When the email leaves me, it has a totally
    new subject line with no reference to any earlier one, and I reply to an
    existing old email to ensure I get the address line right, avoiding typing
    errors.   Also when I get replies to my "new" thread they only reflect my
    subject line, so I am not quite sure where this extra earlier subject topic
    comes from and where you see it.
    It does raise a general point in my mind.  I would very much like Anselm to
    provide a potted "Using Strathspey List 101" tutorial to cover points like
    this (my favourite hobby horse is getting people to sign their emails in
    full and where they are located - does that strike a Cord, Walter?? :-),
    another being people contributing without indicating which email they are
    answering).  So, for instance, why do the people who have been on Strathspey
    longer than me, when changing threads always say "was....." and for how long
    should that stay?  And when should a thread be changed?  In other words, the
    general etiquette that governs using Strathspey.  Or does it already exist?
    Campbell Tyler
    Cape Town

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