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  • Steve Wyrick

    Steve Wyrick June 2, 2008, 7:34 p.m. (Message 52600)

    Re: dances for 3 cpl sets? Was Re: favourite books

    Indian River Strathspey is one we've done, although visually it might
    be too similar to WOLF to work in a medley.  Don't know where/if it's
    published though. (It's in Dance Data, but without a source.) -Steve
    On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 10:25 AM, James Mungall <> wrote:
    > I don't know of any other published triangular dances like W.o.L.F.,
    but we did an impromptu 3-couple triangular version of Rangitoto at a
    Christmas party a few years back.  We called it "Lava Cakes."  I don't
    remember how exactly we did it though considering Rangitoto is very
    geared to four couples...
    Steve Wyrick -- Concord, California

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