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  • Steve Wyrick

    Steve Wyrick June 2, 2008, 7:29 p.m. (Message 52599)

    Re: dances for 3 cpl sets? Was Re: favourite books

    We've used a medley of Wind on Loch Fyne with Ron Wallace's (or Gary
    Thomas, I forget) Muse Cottage--a 40-bar reel for 3 couples in a
    triangular formation from the "From the Redwoods" collection.  Works
    nicely, although finding a tune medley that would work could be
    tricky--we generally edit our own though.  We've also used the dance
    in medleys with dances in standard formation--transforming the sets,
    or moving the head around, can be quite interesting visually.  -Steve
    On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 10:17 AM,  <> wrote:
    > Tom Mungall wrote:
    > "As for  three couple dances that make good demo dances, I'll echo Wendy and
    > James,  with "Flight of the Falcon". Another fine three couple dance IMO is
    > "Wind  on Loch Fyne" which is a three couple strathspey done in a  triangle
    > set."
    > Oh yes!  And one could have everyone moving on the last four bars  of Flight
    > of the Falcon so that the three couples finish in a triangular  formation
    > ready for Wind on Loch Fyne.   I'm not kidding.  I  haven't actually tried it, but
    > I think it could be done quite neatly.
    > Of course, one would have to choreograph the dancers out of Wind on Loch
    > Fyne afterwards, unless one had another triangular dance, but some way could
    > probably be found to do that too.....
    > Chris (currently in Leicestershire).
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    Steve Wyrick -- Concord, California

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