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  • Thomas G. Mungall, III

    Thomas G. Mungall, III June 2, 2008, 6:23 p.m. (Message 52592)

    Re: dances for 3 cpl sets? Was Re: favourite books

    Sometimes I think that I will go mad if I ever hear that tune again! But
    guess what? Every SCD class, Bonnie Anne gets played to death!
    As for three couple dances that make good demo dances, I'll echo Wendy and
    James, with "Flight of the Falcon". Another fine three couple dance IMO is
    "Wind on Loch Fyne" which is a three couple strathspey done in a triangle
    Tom Mungall
    Baton Rouge, La, USA
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    From: "James Mungall" <>
    > We used the tune to death in Baton Rouge because we only had three couples
    for quite sometime.&nbsp; But we never did learn the dance Bonnie Anne.
    > &nbsp;
    > As for three couple dances, the list IS huge!&nbsp; I recommend one that
    the first couple doesn't immediately interact with the second couple because
    you'll have third couple stepping up and firsts casting after the first
    repetition.&nbsp; So things like Reel of the Royal Scots and Maxwell's Rant
    can be troublesome (but certainly not impossible) with only three
    couples.&nbsp; I'll second Wendy's suggestion of Flight of the Falcon.
    > &nbsp;
    > James Mungall

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