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  • James Tween

    James Tween June 27, 2006, 8:19 p.m. (Message 45677)

    Re: Dolphin reels revisited

    So what are the reels called when it's purely follow-the-leader, no 
    changing?  That set up sounds more like what one might call tandem, but 
    that's just me.
    I'd always assumed that dolphin reels were called that because of Pelorus 
    Jack and the dolphin connection there, or is that wrong?  What are they 
    called in Flight of the Falcon?
    - James -
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    From: "Peter Price" <>
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    Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 5:49 PM
    Subject: Dolphin reels revisited
    > My apologies to all, and I will try to clarify my position.
    > In "Dancing Dolphins" Barry Skelton's directions are very specific.
    > - 1st couple are side by side at the start and stay parallel with the
    > set throughout the reel-
    > therefore NOT tandem reels but something very different with a very
    > pronounced and different feel in the dancing.  My error in not
    > checking every dance to see if the reels were identical but I was
    > focused on the particular dance.
    > I find that this is the only dance in the book where Barry specifies
    > that parallelism. One possible interpretation then is that "Dancing
    > Dolphins" is a special case and that in all other dances the reels are
    > to be tandem reels- that is one dancer following the other except for
    > the lead changes.
    > I have no problem with calling a tandem reel a tandem reel (and in
    > "Pelorus Jack" the reels are tandem). My problem was with teachers
    > calling the reels in "Dancing Dolphins" tandem reels and having the
    > dancers then dance the reels as tandem reels.
    > There are several dances in which Barry Skelton sets up 1C, one behind
    > the other, for tandem reels (The Sailor's Guide, An Ocean Frolic,
    > Crossing the Line and Opo). There are also several dances (The Playful
    > Porpoise, Over the Waves and Orca) where he sets up 1C side by side at
    > the entry into the reels but doesn't specify 1C staying parallel but
    > where, in my opinion, the dances would lend themselves to side by side
    > reeling a la "Dancing Dolphins" even though it is not specified.
    > Peter Price

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