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  • Sheena & Bill Flynn

    Sheena & Bill Flynn May 7, 2006, 4:05 a.m. (Message 45184)

    Re: Sons of the Rock

    I do not have any details about this dance, but the title makes me wonder 
    about its origin.  At one time if one were born in Stirling, Scotland, one 
    could be described as a "Son of the Rock" or presumably a "Daughter of the 
    Rock."  The "rock" reference is to the massive rock upon which Stirling 
    Castle dominates the city and the Forth River valley.  "Son of the Rock" 
    isn't even a term that was used very much 50 years ago, and probably even 
    less nowadays.  Anyone know if this is the derivation of the name of this 
    dance or is it something else altogether?
    Really appreciate "Minicrib" Charles, thank you.
    Bill Flynn
    Kamloops, B.C.
    With wife Sheena, both Stirling born.
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    Subject: Sons of the Rock
    Hello, can anyone let me have details of this Round the Room dance.
    Charles Upton

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