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  • hways

    hways March 9, 2006, 1:47 a.m. (Message 44593)

    Re: Rules for teachers

    Amid all of the recent clutter, some might have missed this excellent 
    paragraph from Anselm.
    Should be required reading for all teachers and candidates.
    Harry Ways
    Anselm wrote:
    IMHO, the full written instructions for a dance should never be read 
    aloud -- 
    not in class and definitely not in a social situation. They're much too
    tedious for that! Their place is on the teacher's desk when he or she
    prepares their lesson, and their purpose is to communicate to the teacher 
    the dance is meant to go, so they can figure out how to explain it to the
    class -- often preferably by way of demonstration rather than reading out
    chapter and verse, and not necessarily from the beginning of the dance
    straight through to the end.

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