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  • EvaDreyer

    EvaDreyer Feb. 12, 2005, 5:25 p.m. (Message 40620)

    3 X quicktime dances and music

    Usually I am reluctant to publish dances I have written. That is because I  
    don't find them innovative enough to merit publication - they are usually  
    written for specific (teaching) purposes and therefore lack originality. This  
    one, however, was written for the wedding of Marianne (daughter of Wilma  
    Menzies-Sommer, some of you will know her) and Thorsten in Dortmund-Barop in  
    September 2003. It is, in fact, a 3 x 32 Jig (mainly because we were one couple  
    short) and was devised with the enjoyment of the audience in mind. Anyway, here  
    BAROP WEDDING 3 x 32 Jig for 3 couples in a 3 couple set
    1-8      1 c turn RH; cast into 2nd place, set  advancing passing each other 
    (shoulder ad 
                lib.) to finish back to back in the centre, facing own side of  
    the dance. 
    9-16     All dance Double Triangles. On the last 2  bars, 2 and 3 c set 
    advancing, 1 c set 
               turning around  each other RSh, finishing ready for
    17-24   2, 1, 3 c dance an Allemande, finishing in the order  312
    25-32   1and 2 c dance Right and Left.
    Quite an energetic dance, but our dancers as well as the audience liked it.  
    We used a recording of MacPherson's Jig - I didn't have much of a  choice, for 
    reasons discussed earlier. 
    Greetings from Essen, Germany,
    Eva Dreyer

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