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  • alan mair

    alan mair Jan. 14, 2005, 3:57 p.m. (Message 40305)

    Reel of the 51st

    Recently I had the use of a full set of RSCDS Bulletins. I found references
    there to the events leading up to the eventual publication of this dance by
    the Society. From memory the dance was first published as a leaflet for
    inclusion in an earlier book and "The Reel of the 51st" was not initially
    included in the dances for Book 13. It appears to have been the late Queen
    Mother (who knew of the dance) who asked why it was not being published -
    and guess what happened?
    I have since passed the Bulletins on for the use of my successors so cannot
    give accurate details or references but I did post the information on
    "Strathspey" just after the Queen Mother died drawing attention to the fact
    that she was the person who made the Society take the historic step of
    publishing a "newly devised" dance which is now regarded as "traditional"!!
    Cupar, Fife

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