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  • Pia Walker

    Pia Walker Jan. 14, 2005, 12:24 p.m. (Message 40303)

    Reel of the 51st

    re BBC : Can I just warn against just looking at a film to see how a dance
    is carried out - unless it is a direct performance piece or an amateur film
    of a performance.
    Sometimes the Directors idea of what looks good in film, doesn't necessarily
    correspond with the way things were / are done.  Directors and Producers
    have certain ideas on how all things scottish should look and feel and as
    their word is law in a film ..... and of course some things are more
    difficult to film than others.
    Just remember it was danced by men only - women being in short supply :>)
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    > Jay enquired:
    > >
    > > I've been recruited to participate in a demo which includes the Reel of
    > > 51st.  The organizer has expressed a desire to have us perform the
    > > version as devised by Lt. Atkinson in 1941.  I've been asked to try and
    > > obtain a copy of it.  All I know about the original is that unlike the
    > > current version in Book 13 it was danced in a five couple set.  Can
    > > provide me a copy or point me in the right direction?  Also, does anyone
    > > know what footwork was originally used?
    > As John has already said, when the BBC showed the dance being performed by
    people in
    > battle dress and boots they did a sort of scuffling step. But they also
    performed the
    > dance the way it is still danced by the Reelers (and I suspect by the
    army). In their
    > version the turns, including the one after the balance in line, are done
    as burls,
    > going clockwise - despite the apparent lack of speed because they are not
    using skip
    > change, there is a lot of speed generated in the turns. - The advantage of
    > it this way is that on the last turn (birl) the dancing couple are moving
    the right
    > way into the circle.
    > Malcolm
    > Malcolm L Brown
    > York
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