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  • Wouter Joubert

    Wouter Joubert Jan. 14, 2005, 9:55 a.m. (Message 40299)

    A New Dance in four acts

    Just what I need right now, Ron!!  Quite witty.  I'll try it out next
    week when I have to take our social class and I'll do it just before
    Wouter Joubert
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    Subject: A New Dance in four acts
    	This came to me in the night.  I will recommend suitable
    already recorded music later. I hope you find it amusing?  :))
    LONDON 1930 - 4 p.m.
    or Everything Stops for Tea
    	S32 -3c
    The Park
     1- 8	First couple Lead down the middle for three steps,
    turn on 4, lead back to the top and cast one place.  Twos
    step up on bars 7-8.
    The Teashop Foyer
     9-16	 Ones facing down to start, all dance a Grand
    Finding One's Table
    17-24	Ones dance a half figure around the Threes
    followed by a half figure eight around the Twos.
    The Teapots
    25-32	From second place, own side, Ones dance right
    hands across with the copule on their right. (i.e.1M with
    the Threes and 1L with the Twos.)  Ones pass each other
    by the right shoulder and dance left hands with the couple
    on their left. (i.e. 1M with the Twos and 1L with the
    Recommended tune "Everything Stops for Tea"
    Happy Dancing,
    Ron   :)
    Ron Mackey
    Mottingham, London
    London & Croydon Branches

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