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  • Michelle C. Nogales

    Michelle C. Nogales April 27, 1998, 10:57 p.m. (Message 11828)

    Re: Dancing to pipes - or not!

    On Sun, 26 Apr 98 13:00:06 GMT x.xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xx.xx (Malcolm & Helen
    Brown (York UK)) writes:
    >1) I am always slightly amused by the statement (excuse?)of people who 
    >do not
    >dance that they "have no sense of rythm" - I have this vision of them 
    >walking down the street taking steps of randomly differing duration.
    	One may not be able to consciously reproduce an effect that is
    normally taken care of by involuntary processes.  A person who has no
    sense of rhythm might normally walk rhythmically, but if you ask him to
    deliberately walk to a particular rhythm, whether internal or from an
    external source, they won't be able to do it.  It seems to be a matter of
    a) hearing or imagining a particular rhythm, and b) translating that
    rhythm to consistent, matching physical action.  Just because you have no
    problem sneezing when your nose is full of dust doesn't mean you can
    decide to sneeze whenever you like.  (Go ahead, try!)  In most cases,
    it's either completely unconscious and automatic or else it doesn't
    happen at all.  I think those who say they can't sense rhythm mostly
    really can't, on a conscious level.
    	Michelle C. Nogales
    	Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
    	San Francisco Bay Area
    dancing to pipes
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