The ACE software that the Strathspey Server is based on has seen an extensive internal rewrite, which will make it easier to support resources that require custom code integrated in ACE, such as the mailing list archive (which will be the next project undertaken).

In essence, certain parts of the »resource hierarchy« served by ACE — which is usually backed by files in a standard Linux file system — can be delegated to Tcl procedures. For those of you familiar with tclhttpd, the Tcl-based web server, ACE now essentially mixes the »Doc« and »Direct« domains within a single tree. This makes it possible to connect a resource such as, which is represented internally by a file inside a directory containing all sorts of other Strathspey Server stuff, to code that is invoked when resources like are accessed. An access like this will basically result in a procedure being called to handle »msg« with an argument «m« that has the value »123«. That procedure will fetch a posting from the mailing list archive, format it etc.

Next project: implement the «mailing list archive« resource. More on that later.

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