»Featured Dances« recommended by the RSCDS

Every year, the RSCDS recommends some dances for inclusion in social programmes. It is hoped that this will promote a sense of unity and familiarity between branches, groups, and dancers all over the world. (It also seems that they want us to try some dances that for some reason or other never seem to show up on programmes on their own merit, but that's that :^).)

Refer also to the RSCDS website. Books and CDs for these dances are available from RSCDS Headquarters (among other places).

Incidentally, what's so great about Jimmy's Fancy that it has made the »featured dances« list for the second time in four years?

Update: With the publication of the core repertoire of dances, the Society seems to have gone off the idea of publishing annual lists of dances.

Featured Dances 2007-2008

Bridge of NairnS323/4LRSCDS XIII 11
Cauld KailM323/4LRSCDS IX 11
Festival FlingR323/4LRSCDS XLIV 7
From Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa'S323/4LRSCDS Lflts 2
Glasgow LassesS322/4LRSCDS XXXIV 3
Hamilton HouseJ323/4LRSCDS VII 10
Ladies' FancyJ322/4LRSCDS XIII 12
Lady Mary Menzies' ReelR323/4LRSCDS VII 5
Open The Door To ThreeJ483/4LRSCDS XXXIV 8
Summer WooingR323/4LRSCDS XXXVIII 6

Featured Dances 2006-2007

Campbell's FrolicJ323/4LRSCDS XV 3
The Deil amang the TailorsR323/4LRSCDS XIV 7
The Dream CatcherS964SOrr: Silver Anniv.
The Gates of EdinburghR323/4LRSCDS XV 5
Inverneill HouseR323/4LRSCDS XXXV 2
Jimmy's FancyS323/4LRSCDS XIV 11
Lamb SkinnetJ323/4LRSCDS XIV 12
Major Ian StewartJ323/4LRSCDS XXXV 4
Round Reel of EightR884SRSCDS XXVII 7
Seann Truibhas Willichan

Featured Dances 2005-2006

Anniversary ReelR324/4LRSCDS XXXVI 7
The ClansmanR322/4LRSCDS XXXII 8
The Machine Without HorsesJ323/4LRSCDS XII 12
Margaret Parker's StrathspeyS323/4LRSCDS XXXI 3
Miss Mary DouglasJ483/4LRSCDS X 11
Mrs MacLeodR323/4LRSCDS VI 11
My Friend JoeS323/4LRSCDS XXXVIII 2
The SailorR323/4LRSCDS XXIV 4
Sugar CandieS323/4LRSCDS XXVI 9
Tribute to the BordersJ323/4LRSCDS Lflts 11

Featured Dances 2004-2005

Bonnie Ina CampbellS323/4LRSCDS XXXVII 6
Brechin LassiesR323/4LMMM I
The Diamond JubileeJ324/4LRSCDS XXXI 1
Green Grow The RashesS323/4LRSCDS XII 2
Minard CastleR403/4LRSCDS XXII 8
Miss Hadden's ReelJ323/4LRSCDS XXIII 5
New ParkS323/4LRSCDS XIX 11
Nice to See YouR32?RRRSCDS XL 3
The Roselath CrossJ323/4LRSCDS XLI 10

Featured Dances 2003-2004

Todlen HameJ323/4LRSCDS XVI 6
Old Nick's Lumber RoomJ323/4LRSCDS XXVI 6
The Gentle ShepherdJ323/4LRSCDS XVII 5
Argyll's FancyJ484/4LRSCDS Gr. 23
Land O' CakesS323/4LRSCDS XXIX 1
Argyll StrathspeyS323/4LRSCDS XXXV 3
Jimmy's FancyS323/4LRSCDS XIV 11
Red HouseR402/4LRSCDS VII 2
The Cumbrae ReelR323/4LRSCDS XXVIII 8
Sleepy MaggieR323/4LRSCDS XI 5

Featured Dances 2002-2003

The Earl of MansfieldR484/4LRSCDS Lflts 15
Broadford BayR323/4LRSCDS L32 3
Mrs Stewart of FasnacloichR323/4LRSCDS GJ 1
The Reel of the Royal ScotsR323/4LRSCDS Lflts 7
Fair DonaldS323/4LRSCDS XXIX 4
The Braes of BreadalbaneS323/4LRSCDS XXI 7
Frae A' The AirtsM323/4LRSCDS Lflts 8
The Happy MeetingJ322/4LRSCDS XXIX 9
Muirland WillieJ323/4LRSCDS XXI 9
Teviot BridgeJ242/4LRSCDS V 1
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