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google failed me!!!

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    Herbold.Bruce May 24, 2006, 10:31 p.m. (Message 45364)

    So I'm teaching the lovely dance -- The Braes of Mellinish -- and 765 of 
    the 766 references to "Mellinish" that Google found for me were references 
    to the tune or dance.  It seems there was one historical person who was a 
    plasterer by trade and who carried the name Mellinish.  Other than that I 
    am at a loss as to where the bonny braes might have actually been located. 
    But my faith in the Strathspey server stays strong -- I wait with bated 
    breath.  (much nicer than baited or baetid breaths).
    Bruce Herbold
    San Francisco Branch

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