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    Marie Disiewicz May 8, 2006, 9:44 p.m. (Message 45199)

    Hi to all:
    I do hope all of you remember my requests over a year ago for
    different types of music requests and there were many.
    The request to the Strathspey Server came about from those who had
    sent email asking me if I had such and such CDs with such and such
    times through.
    This list was passed on to musicians who do and do not read this list.
    The title of this new CD coming is neither a new one, how many of you
    have the  "Teachers Choice" record?
    I did the requests openly and some were sent to me directly and some
    were sent to the Strathspey Server for all to see.
    "The Odds" was mentioned recently by a Strathspey Server member and I
    pursued down the CD with help from a few members of the list.
    I continue my goal of getting out what I can for the teachers, dancers and musicians.
    The new times through requests are the latest trend.
    Next you will ask a musician to make you your own times through CD, I guess. 
    May I say everybody has their own choice of bands. If each band did
    their part to bring their sound to the requests that is very good.
    If we only had one Mairi's Wedding for example would we not want
    another band to record it so we had variety.
    I know I would like a 4 times through and I will get it one day.
    Trust me, there are 24 recordings for Hamilton House with 24 different
    bands if you can believe it.
    Thank goodness they didn't look around and say 'I cannot record that".
    They believed in themselves and recorded it again and again.

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