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Ruby Anniversary

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    Charles Upton March 23, 2006, 12:57 a.m. (Message 44848)

    Hello Kay & Eric,
    Your email sent me scurrying back to my books and yes I have credited
    this dance in Minicrib incorrectly, the 4x32 bar dance crib in my
    notes was devised by Margaret Waddell for the 40th anniversary of the
    Duns and District Branch in 1993.
    The dance in the Croydon Anniversary book is a 4x48 bar dance and was
    devised by Barbara Barnes for Croydon Ruby Anniversary The Croydon
    book was published in 1994 though I think their Ruby Anniversary was
    I will correct my notes and will also add the Croydon version - I have
    yet to decide which one to call version 1 as they have the same title!
    I have copies of both of these dance instructions and will be pleased
    to forward copies to any interested dancers on request.
    Charles Upton

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