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Childrens Dance Classes

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    Jo Dahl March 20, 2006, 5:43 a.m. (Message 44749)

    > Following the discussions on teaching children the enjoyment of  
    > Scottish Country dancing, I enclose my letter to the editor of our  
    > tri-monthly magazine, "Scottish Ramble, Queensland Australia,  
    > Branch. I must say we envied your description of 700 children  
    > dancing at one time - our Branch summons up to 30 at one time, ages  
    > rangin from 2-15+!!!
    >> "Greetings Glenis from Jo Dahl of the Caledonians.  I've not
    >> contributed before, but feel compelled to tell our members how
    >> impressive is the instruction given by Cathy McCleod to the  
    >> children of the Society here in Brisbane.
    >>   Here goes!
    >> On 4th March we took our granddaughter, Amy, to the first children's
    >> class of this year at St Brigid's Church Hall. She had put her
    >> dancing shoes on in the car to be ready!  On arrival Amy skipped into
    >> the hall to be greeted by a cheery Heather Heron, who registered her
    >> in & gave her her name badge (she had made in craft at the Ceilidh on
    >> 4/2).  Then she joined the other six children for an ineresting & fun
    >> filled hour & a half of dancing, craft, Scottish history & musical
    >> discussion.
    >> To start dancing they formed a crocodile, each child in turn creating
    >> a different movement followed by the others, forming into a circle
    >> for a little footwork .Then in a set the children  became puffins
    >> (with wings to flap), deer (with antlers), rabbits (to hop) &
    >> hedgehogs, each taking turns to circle the set with appropriate
    >> actions!  All such fun!  For the next  dance they were given red or
    >> green wrist ribbons so they would know which one had to cast, weave,
    >> give hands etc.
    >> Time for craft, today colouring in a Celtic Knot in hues of blue &
    >> green. More dancing, followed by a discussion about Scotland
    >> illustrated with pictures from Cathy's book, also discussed was the
    >> violin, construction, pitch etc & it's valuable usage in SCD. After a
    >> final dance the happy children reluctanly set off for home. Amy is
    >> counting the days until the next class!
    >> Altogether this was a most eventful class & a delightful method of
    >> introducing children to SCD. Cathy, with her energetic assistant,
    >> Nancy Nicol always at the right spot to help, are a wonderful  
    >> asset to
    >> our Association & we thank them for their time & expertise, giving  
    >> so much
    >> enjoyment to our next generation of dancers.  Thanks also to the  
    >> childre
    >> classes committee.
    >> Jo Dahl
    >> Caledonians"

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