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Strathspey List CENSORSHIP (was Important (was: a Letter))

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    Oberdan Otto Sept. 26, 2001, 8:26 a.m. (Message 27525)

    >As far as I'm concerned this takes the cake -- I'm fed up with this and
    >won't have any more of it on this list.
    This is, by the way, an ON-TOPIC post.
    Somebody got Anselm REALLY angry.
    The list needs an administrator. Anselm does a superlative job.
    The list also needs someone who can enforce decorum and civility. 
    Logistically, this must also be the administrator. I agree that 
    anyone who is abusive should be summarily dumped from the list.
    Then there is the person who talks about things we don't want to 
    hear. Maybe these are off-topic subjects, but not necessarily! 
    Because of its nature, the list naturally gravitates toward on-topic 
    posts. Occasionally some threads have wandered off topic, but it has 
    always wandered back. WE DON'T NEED A SUBJECT CENSOR. I'm sorry 
    someone made Anselm angry. But anger is the wrong reason for invoking 
    I did not see the post that made Anselm angry because several months 
    ago I set up a filter that deletes all messages from that person 
    before they get downloaded. It is the only such Strathspey-related 
    delete filter that I have. Unfortunately, the filter only partially 
    protected me from those posts because OTHER people left copies of 
    those messages in their replies. Most of those replies complained 
    about insensitive and abusive language. The complainants don't seem 
    to realize that the insensitive and abusive person will continue to 
    be insensitive and abusive. The replies just egg the person on to 
    more insensitivity and abuse. Set up a delete filter or use the 
    delete key. Why subject yourself to harassment by reading the 
    message??? Why give it any credibility or importance by replying???
    Someone suggested that the Strathspey list belongs to Anselm. 
    Technically that is correct. However, philosophically it is 
    incorrect. Anselm is not responsible for the many well-presented 
    posts on this list. He is also not responsible for the few really 
    stupid things that get posted. He provides the framework, but he does 
    not provide the content. We are responsible for the content and for 
    that WE should be congratulated for a stimulating and relevant list.
    Since September 11, I made exactly two medium-sized posts on those 
    momentous events (peep). Including this one, I have also made two 
    other posts recommending against list censorship. It appears that the 
    great majority of the list would agree with the censorship that 
    Anselm is imposing. Anselm did not invoke a democratic process to 
    justify his action, but if he had, it probably would have supported 
    him. But just because the majority wants something, that does not 
    make it the right thing to do. The examples of democracy gone amuck, 
    even in our SCD organizations, are far too numerous. Nonetheless, 
    even if I am the only voice, I say without apology that this 
    censorship is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
    Now that just over a week has passed, the regulation time limit for 
    somber subjects has expired, so it is time that we stopped talking 
    about September 11 and went on to more important things such as 
    whether to give right or left hand and which shoulder to pass in the 
    middle of Mairi's Wedding.
    Cheers, Oberdan.
    P.S. Anselm, please note that I did utter a peep and based on your 
    censorship pronouncement are now obligated to drop me from the list, 
    conveniently silencing me!!!
    184 Estaban Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010-1611 USA
    Voice: (805) 389-0063, FAX: (805) 484-2775, email:

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