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a small price to pay

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    Caberfei Sept. 24, 2001, 8:36 p.m. (Message 27496)

    Although Anselm asked not to revisit this topic, I cannot leave it with
    those last hurtful remarks.  Let me be the first American to say, to 
    Anselm, that duddbarron's was most insensitive and ignorant remark that I
     As an American, I am appalled and embarrassed that duddbarron would say
    this to you ("ugly American" does come to mind in describing him).  Let me 
    say that duddbarron does not speak for any other American that I know.  
     Secondly I would ask others who did not use their delete key and had to
    read the hurtful and spiteful ramblings of duddbarron, to please remember 
    that we
    other Americans who use the server are not in any way, shape or form 
    of duddbarron.
     Anselm, as I have revisited this topic I fully expect and understand that I
    will be banned from the server for a month -- neither our friendship or my 
    justify special treatment.
    Happy dancing to all, and look forward to catching up at the end of October,
    Ralph Stoddard 
    Maryland USA

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