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    Ron Mackey June 21, 2006, 11:27 p.m. (Message 45625)

    > Interesting pattern, does not fit the one in my memory, will check when 
    > I get the house organized enough to be able to find it. (Prognosis is 
    > that the house will be complete, well sort of, in two weeks, or 
    > Christmas. Officially the pool is almost tiled, some doors need 
    > glazing, the panels in the drawing room need replacing and the 
    > electricity reconnected in that room, 3 more doors hung, some painting 
    > and my escutcheon with house number inset in the keystone above the 
    > front door.)
    This sounds like a perfect example of 'manyana' (excuse phonetics)? :))
  • ... June 22, 2006, 12:23 a.m. (Message 45629, in reply to message 45625)

    There is a Scottish joke that comes to mind, I remember it being told 
    by the late Bill Ireland in one of those late night sessions at 
    University hall, where the perspiration of the beer cans matched that 
    on the walls.
    It seems that a Hebridean and a Mexican were comparing their 
    respective vocabularies, one would give his word, and then the other 
    his and they would have a linguistic discussion.
    Finally the Mexican said "mañana" (BTW your spelling would be fine in 
    Catalunya where we have no "Ñ", except that our word is "matí".).
    The Hebridean, repeated the word several times and then asked what it 
    The Mexican said well it means tomorrow, in the morning, later, soon, 
    in a few days, later, whenever.
    The Hebridean answere, "no we do not have any words as urgent as 
    While the building process can be a bit frustrating, but the style is 
    quite different here in that I have a "mestre d´obres" who drops by 
    every day and organizes, but my actuall workers vary from zero to 8 
    depending on what is being done, the usual is 0 to 2. This is because 
    their company is actually building 20 houses at the same time, and 
    weather is a factor (inside for hot, cold, or rain, outside other 
    weather. Actually the work week is 5.5 days starting at 06:00 and 
    ending at 19:00, siesta in the middle. The job would move much faster 
    if I was building a new house, but as mine is a listed building (UK 
    term) the standards are much higher, and more things must be done in 
    stone which is cut to fit on site (which explains 5 years of dust in my 
    hair, food, bed, bath). A related problem is that the Mallorquí never 
    heard of Euclid, so there are no right angles in the house. So, after 
    putting in new plumbing, I had to make a decision about the floor 
    tiles. If I aligned them with an almost straight wall, this means that 
    the other 3 walls would have tiles shaped like triangles, If I aligned 
    the tiles with the front door, they would not match any of the walls in 
    any room. Ultimately, as my house has 6 cross walls, each with a door 
    except for the last, I aligned the first tile with the 3rd doorway, and 
    then created a straight line from there to the front door, and extended 
    it to the back of the house and worked out from there. OK so I still 
    have triangles, but they will end up behind furniture, at least one 
    looking in the front door will not get a headache trying to follow the 
    lines. To give an example of how bad it is, I wanted a large shelf 
    headboad for the bed in the master bedroom, so measured the wall from 
    one side of the room to the window, this would allow a night stand at 
    one end then the bed, then the window (which in a meter thick wall has 
    two shelves below it anyway. When the bed was installed, everything fit 
    perfectly, except where I expected the space on the night stand side to 
    be the width of the night stand, at the foot of the bed, it is only 8 
    inches. - makes it a bit hard to make hospital corners.
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    Ron Mackey June 22, 2006, 11:33 p.m. (Message 45641, in reply to message 45629)

    So, Richard, it seems you will have a house of character? !!
    Eventually. :)
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    Jan E Rudge June 23, 2006, 4:14 p.m. (Message 45647, in reply to message 45641)

    Ron wrote:
    > So, Richard, it seems you will have a house of character? !!
    Eventually. :)
    Interesting as this topic is for some people no doubt, if the
    conversation is going to continue could it perhaps be done
    off the list, or else put "off topic" in the Subject line?
    Many thanks,
    Beaconsfield, UK
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    Pia Walker June 22, 2006, 10:23 a.m. (Message 45636, in reply to message 45625)

    and how many sets of dancers can you have in your rooms?
  • ... June 22, 2006, 12:10 p.m. (Message 45638, in reply to message 45625)

    How many sets, probably 4 not counting the street. As drawing room (2), 
    connects to dining room (1) through an arch, which is closed with 4 
    panels, all but one fixed closed in  winter, two left open in supper, 
    and two more that can be opened to conbine the two rooms. The roof 
    terrace can easily hold one, which works because it has windows from 
    the cupula, having speakers on each level. Besides, the smaller of its 
    two balconies, can hold a small band, already having a piano, organ, 
    and drum set in place. However we have had dances in the street, 24 
    hour police notice required, permit easy to get. The street is two sets 
    wide, and about 20 sets long between the cross streets. We usually put 
    the band on a balcony across the street, if there is a crowd, if not, 
    and strictly a neighborhood affair this space is limited by the band, 
    tables, and a 4m diameter paella pan over an open fire..
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    Pia Walker June 22, 2006, 1:11 p.m. (Message 45639, in reply to message 45638)

    That sounds wonderful and great fun.

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