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    Gary Lindsey June 9, 2006, 10:40 p.m. (Message 45498)

    Personal experience, Yes. Fortunately nothing serious, but painful at the
    time and a few days after.  This was back when I was first starting to
    If someone tries to do the thumb hold now, I can usually manipulate hands
    into the "shake hand" hold.  For the most part (as discussed in other posts)
    these are people transitioning from other types of dance to SCD.  After the
    dance I make a point of talking to the individual.  I start with apologizing
    for the awkwardness of the moment, then explain why.  They have always been
    very understanding and usually don't try that hold again.  Of course, as
    with everything else, some need the lesson reinforced a few times.
    Gary Lindsey
    Flying Ghillies SCD
    Dayton, Ohio, USA

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