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    Stella Fogg Feb. 13, 2006, 4:31 a.m. (Message 44227)

    I was a Girl Guide in the early and mid 50's and SCD was a big part of our 
    meeting, especially in the spring as we always had a group competing at the 
    Festival.  It was part of  P.E. class both in Primary and in High school, 
    and again we had competing teams.  However, when we had dances at school, it 
    was ceilidh dances we did, both boys and girls but the boys were less keen. 
    They liked the part about putting their arm round a girl but as soon as the 
    dance was over, they were offsky!  At home in Scotland I once asked a lot of 
    my friends about their P.E. teachers and every single one of them said their 
    teacher was Jordanhill trained.
    In my nursing days in Glasgow, we danced at the Highlanders and it was a mix 
    of Reeling, ceilidh and SCD.  Large groups of us went and I would say that 
    if asked, we all would have agreed we learned SCD from schools and Guide 
    groups and ceilidh from family parties, weddings and gatherings.
    Stella Fogg
    Richmond, VA

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