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    CLubitz Oct. 19, 2001, 5:03 a.m. (Message 27937)

    The Capital District (N.Y.) Scottish Country Dancers
    (With support from the Boston Branch of the RSCDS)
    Invite you to a
                         Fall Frolic: Nov.9 - 11, 2001
                          Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY
                             Music by Terpsichore 
                 Elke Baker (fiddle) and Liz Donaldson (piano)
                        joined by Marty Taylor (flute)
                               Dance Workshops 
            Scottish Country with  Charlie Inglis (Ottawa, Canada)
            Scottish Step Dance with Norah Link (Montreal, Canada)
              Friday Night: Contra Dance at 8:00 pm -- Brief  Intro Session at 
                        First Lutheran Church, 181 Western Avenue, Albany, 
    (between Lake and Quail)
                        For additional info: call 518-489-9066 or visit 
              Saturday: Scottish Country Dance Workshops 10:00am - 3:00pm 
                                  Germania Banquet Haus, 309 3rd Avenue, Troy
                                  10:00 Country Dance Workshop -- Charlie Inglis
                                    1:00 Country Dance Workshop to prepare for 
    ball-- Charlie Inglis
                               Scottish Step Dance Workshop 1:30 - 3:30 with 
    Norah Link
                                     TBD -- you must register in advance so we 
    can notify you
                               Dinner 6:00   RSVP by 10/26/01 for either Chicken 
    or Baked Fish, salad,            
            vegetable & potato
                                  Germania Banquet Haus, 309 3rd Avenue, Troy
                        Dance Party 8:00 pm -- Grand March, Piper:  Kippy Brezner
                                  Germania Banquet Haus, 309 3rd Avenue, Troy
               Sunday:   Brunch at 11:00 am -- Newbitz House
                        12 th Anniversary English Country Dance (Time to be 
                                  Germania Banquet Haus, 309 3rd Ave, Troy, call 
    Nancy Yule 518-477-5684
    Please register in advance.  Contact Howard Brezner at or (518)
    Registration for Scottish Events:  (Note: The Contra and English dances will 
    collect for their
    dances at the door)  Make checks payable to Howard Brezner, CDRSCDS, 11 
    Sunflower Lane,
    Colonie, N.Y.  12205.  Please send a self-addressed stamped ($0.52 postage) 
    envelope with your
    registration to receive the party program booklet and confirmation of your 
    Registrations received after November 1, or without a SASE, will be held at 
    the door. Dance
    directions available via email.
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    Norah Link Oct. 19, 2001, 2:50 p.m. (Message 27941, in reply to message 27937)

    > Norah's web site:
    > kend_albany_nov0
    > 1.html
    Since this web address was too long to fit in the window, may I make this
    Go to and select the "Events Near & Far" link.
    You will find a listing for the Fall Frolic, with a link to the brochure.
    Norah Link (Montreal QC)

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