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    Marilynn Knight Oct. 3, 2001, 10:19 p.m. (Message 27709)

    Aha!!  In almost17 years of off and on exposure to Scottish Country Dance,
    I've really heard the gamut of   briefs, talk-throughs, walk-throughs, and
    recaps.  One notable aspect of the two dance evenings, for me, was the
    consistently incredibly clear, professional recaps by the two dance program
    devisors.  As one who prefers to get my final info that way before a dance,
    they were just outstanding, and, frankly, should teach how to do it to other
    'briefers' very well.  Specifically, the second evening I noticed the recaps
    actually went through the dance a full second time, not belaboring either
    time.  I now know that if I ever do a brief, I will do it just that way:
    clear, not too slow, not too fast, but also fully recapping the second time.

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