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Harvest Social, Oct. 27

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    Priscilla M. Burrage Oct. 1, 2001, 2:59 p.m. (Message 27612)

    Here's a copy of our flyer on our Vermont Harvest Social and some first-
    hand info on crossing the border to get to it.
    Took us about thirty seconds to cross into Canada last weekend.  And
    about two minutes to cross back into the US as they ask to look in the
    trunck.   We were so fast because there were so few other cars.  But
    dont't try to go when it's normally heavy traffic:  Sunday, late
    afternoon or evening, either direction, and Monday to Friday when people
    are getting to or leaving work.  The line of cars waiting builds up to
    miles long.
    Hope to see you at the
                     	VERMONT HARVEST SOCIAL
    NEW LOCATION				      Grand Isle School, Grand Isle VT
    DATE  October 27, 2001
    Walk-Thru's*  5 pm          Reception  6 pm          Potluck Supper  6:30
    pm          Dancing 7:45 pm
    MUSIC  R.P. Hale, piano;  Sylvia Miskoe, accordion;  Ralph Thompson, violin
    Green Mountain Jig		8 x 32 J	Ben Stein, Pinewoods 2
    Braes of Tullimet		8 x 32 S	101 version, not RSCDS Bk 7/12
    The Periwig			8 x 32 R	RSCDS Leaflet 33/4
    Flock of Geese */Wild Geese  	10 x 32 J       Mel Briscoe Slipknot /
    	5 cple set				           RSCDS Bk 24/3
    Three Sisters			8 x 32 S	John Drewry, leaflet
    Da' Rain Dancin'		8 x 32 R	Ron Wallace, Whiteadder
    Royal Deeside Railway		8 x 32 R	RSCDS Bk 40/9
    Birks of Invermay		8 x 32 S	RSCDS Bk 16/2
    As the Worm Turns *		8 x 32 J	Priscilla Burrage, unpub.
    Ellwyn's Fairy Glen		8 x 32 R	John Duthie, Eight SCD/8
    Mrs.  Hume's Strathspey		8 x 32 S	Anselm Lingnau,
    						  pub.  on "strathspey"
    Pelorus Jack			8 x 32 J	RSCDS 41/1;
    						Barry Skelton, Dolphin Bk/ 8
    White Heather Jig  4 cple set	4 x 40 J	James Cosh, Twenty-Two + 2
    Braes of Breadalbane		8 x 32 S	RSCDS Bk 21/7
    Reel of Royal Scots		8 x 32 R	RSCDS Leaflet, Roy Goldring
    Comfortable, yielding wooden floor (with No - skid rosin, if needed)
    Cost = $20.  Let us know you are coming: Bud and Alison Etherton, 42 Elsom
    Pkwy, South Burlington VT 05403.               (802--658-4126)
    Potluck:   For reception & supper,  bring a potluck contribution, or a
    generous $ donation if you are not bringing food.
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    Paula Jacobson Oct. 2, 2001, 2:38 a.m. (Message 27638, in reply to message 27612)

    I'm interested to know the difference between the 101 and book 7/12
    versions of Braes of Tulliemet. This dance has always been a favorite
    of mine for its very traditional figures along with an absolutely
    gorgeous tune.
    Paula Jacobson
    SF Branch
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    Fyreladdie Oct. 2, 2001, 3:26 a.m. (Message 27642, in reply to message 27612)

        There are no differences except that book 7 mentions when dancers should 
    step up and down. In 101 SCD it also describes, briefly where the first 
    couple end before the reel. I have the book if you'd like to check it out, 
    Bob Mc Murtry

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