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    Dianna Shipman Sept. 15, 2001, 5:06 a.m. (Message 27387)

    Thank you to all those who have shared so generously this week with
    condolences, experiences, stories, etc.
    I do a weekly email newsletter pertaining to dance and related items of
    interest - to about 330 addressees - many of whom forward it on to their own
    lists - one radio station sends it on to their list of about 350.  During
    the floods in Houston in June I sent out a series of flood reports comprised
    of stories of support, sharing, and practical sources of help - these were
    well received; the June floods seemed truly terrible but pale in comparison
    to events this week.  This week again I've done the same thing again with
    the Sept. 11 tragedies - collecting and sending on words of hope,
    encouragement, etc. (I've included a number of the wonderful messages that
    have been on this list as well as some from the English Dance list) as well
    as offerings from people on my newsletter list; some of these
    I've collected at:
    I love to dance - but even more I enjoy the sense of community that dancing
    can create.
    A thank you again to all those who have shared so generously,
    Dianna L. Shipman
    Scottish Country Dancing and More
    web page:
    1302 Waugh Drive, PMB 134
    Houston, TX 77019-3908
    phone: 713-522-1212
    Oddfellows Hall, 115 E. 14th St. (Heights), Houston, Texas

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