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Dancing in Dundee, Scotland

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    S.M.D.Phillips June 15, 2001, 8:11 p.m. (Message 26359)

    RSCDS Dundee Branch & Dundee City Council have SCD in the Marryat Hall,
    Dundee every Monday from 7:45 pm until 10.30 pm from now until July 16th.
    Dancers tickets: 3.50 GBP, Spectators and Juniors 1.50 GBP
    Bands are:
    June 18th: Deidre Adamson
    June 25th: David Anderson
    July 2nd: Sandy Nixon
    July 9th: Maple Leaf
    July 16th: Alan Ross
    Programme for June 18th
    Hoopers Jig
    Dumbarton's Drums
    Peggie's Strathspey
    Muirland Willie
    St Andrews of Brampton
    Sugar Candie
    Roselath Cross
    McDonald of the Isles
    De'il amang the Tailors
    Major Ian Stewart
    Mrs Milne of Kineff
    The Dancer' Wedding
    Gothenburg's Welcome
    Cherrybank Gardens
    The Fyket
    The Silver Tassie
    West's Hornpipe
    Stella Phillips, for Dundee Branch Chairman
    + Stella Phillips
    + xxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx.xx
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    S.M.D.Phillips June 27, 2001, 12:37 a.m. (Message 26432, in reply to message 26359)

    Dancing in the Marryat Hall, Dundee on 2nd July to the music of Sandy Nixon.
    Machine without Horses
    Lauderdale Lads
    Braes of Breadalbane
    Connie's Jig
    Loch Leven Castle
    Moray Rant
    Sleepy Maggie
    Bonnie Anne
    Greetings fromDundee
    Shiftin Bobbins
    Johnnie Walker
    Flowers of Edinburgh
    Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw
    Flight of the Falcon
    Miss Gibson's Strathspey
    Duke of Perth
    Dancers tickets 3.50, Spectators 1.50 GBP
    + Stella Phillips
    + xxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx.xx

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