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Dance in London TOMORROW, Saturday 16th June

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    Rudge, Janet June 15, 2001, 1:40 p.m. (Message 26354)

    Prompted by Seonaid's reminder about the New Scotland dance, 
    I realise that this is a bit last minute-ish, but if anyone 
    is at a loose end in the London area tomorrow, London Branch 
    also has a dance so please come along for what promises to 
    be a great evening.
    Music provided by SOUND COMPANY....  In my opinion it's a 
    really good programme (see below).  Sandwiches, cakes and
    tea during the interval - provided by the dem class so they
    should look good, at least!
    All dances will be recapped.  Dress is informal.  
    Tickets (including refreshments) are 5 pounds for RSCDS 
    members, 6 pounds for non-members, 2 pounds for children  
    (but members' children admitted free).
    What more can I say?  Hope to see some of you there...
    Beaconsfield, UK
      RSCDS London Branch dance
      Saturday 16th June, 7.30-10.30
      at St. Columba's Church Hall, Pont Street, London SW1
      Band  -  SOUND COMPANY
      Machine Without Horses      12-12
      The Music Makars            33-1
      Bridge of Nairn             13-11
      The Starry-Eyed Lassie      23-11
      Angus MacLeod               Queen
      Tulloch Gorm                8-1
      Muirland Willie             21-9
      Autumn in Appin             31-5
      Circassian Circle           1-3
      Haste to the Wedding        25-6
      Neidpath Castle             22-9
      Peat Fire Flame             Drewry
      The Swilcan                 23-8
      Argyll Strathspey           35-3
      Black Black Oil             Drewry
      Glasgow Country Dance       23-6
      MacLeod's Fancy             33-3 
      Mrs MacPherson of Inveran   Drewry

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