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  • mlamontbrown

    mlamontbrown June 21, 2006, 9:05 p.m. (Message 45622)

    RE: Double triangles (was Divided by a common language)

    James asked:
    > Could you describe "actual" double (tri)angles for those of me who wants a
    > little more info than the general sketch you gave?
    If you look at the diagram in the history section of the Strathspey website (from
    Wilson's Complete System of English Country Dancing, also on the Strathspey site) you
    can see that today we would describe it as:
    The dancing couple, from second place on their own side, dance round their first
    corners R Sh, then round their second corners L Sh and return to second place own
    Malcolm L Brown
    York  (UK)

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