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  • John Chambers

    John Chambers June 21, 2006, 3:11 p.m. (Message 45604)

    Re: Divided by a common language (was Reels and Hornpipes)

    Andrew Smith commented:
    | John Chambers wrote:
    | > "But now that we all know what it means, there's no longer any
    | > reason to change it. ;-)"
    | but remember there is life beyond "Strathspey", John.
    What?  There are SCD dancers not on this list? ;-)
    In any case, I've seen  "outwith"  occasionally,  and  just
    considered  it  a  rare synonym for "outside".  I think I'd
    picked up that it had some UK association, but didn't think
    of it as especially Scottish.  I'm a bit surprised that, in
    this day of such easy  international  communication,  there
    are English-speaking people who don't know the word.
    We do have a minor problem in English, in that the opposite
    of "within" obviously should be "without", but that's taken
    for a rather different meaning.  That's typical for such  a
    poorly designed language, I guess.
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