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  • Stella Fogg

    Stella Fogg June 19, 2006, 5:09 p.m. (Message 45584)

    Re: New Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Band CD

    Hi Sue,
    I have paid for this CD through Paypal.  However, I have just realised the 
    shipping was probably for the UK and I am in the US.  Will someone contact 
    me to correct the shipping?
    Stella Fogg
    6809 Park Avenue
    Richmond, VA  23226
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    Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 9:24 AM
    Subject: New Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Band CD
    We have at last taken delivery of the new Kenny Thomson CD We Twa (priced at
    12GBP + p&p).  Instructions for all dances are freely downloadable from the
    website (link below)
    The tracks are:-
    1. Mideltone Silver                                              Jig 5x32
    2. The White Rose and the Yellow Waistcoat        Reel 8x32
    3. Miss Betty Ferguson of Dumfries                    Strathspey 4x32
    4. Horsewell's Jig                                               Jig 8x32
    5. Heatherbrae                                                    Reel 1x88
    6. We Twa' Encore                                              Strathspey
    7. Renaissance                                                     Jig 4x32
    8. Dumfries Rambler                                           Reel 4x32
    9. Ian and Joan McKenzie's Strathspey                Strathspey 3x40
    10 The Sound of Cara                                         Jig 8x32
    11. The Annan Reel                                             Reel 3x32
    12. Corstorphine Road                                       Strathspey 4x32
    13. Iain's Obsession                                           Jig 8x40
    14. Barton Barbecue                                           Reel 4x32
    15. Rossway                                                       Strathspey
    16. Let's Celebrate                                              Jig 4x40
    17. Slainte Mhor                                                 Reel 1x64
    There is also a DVD (playable PAL worldwide) of these 17 dances being
    demonstrated (twice through) which is also 12GBP + p&p
    For a short time, if you buy both there is a special offer of both for 20GBP
    + p&p.
    We have also just released the DVD (playable PAL worldwide) Meet the
    Musician Volume 1 - which features Robert Whitehead in conversation with
    Judith Linton and Max Ketchin.
    All items can be ordered on-line from our website
    If you have any problems send me an email :-)
    Happy Dancing
    Sue Petyt
    Skype Sue Petyt

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