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  • mlamontbrown

    mlamontbrown June 16, 2006, 1:10 a.m. (Message 45569)

    RE: Dancing in five-couple and seven-couple sets (was Glasgow Highlanders)

    Ian wrote:
    >   Firstly, I tend to continue to dance three-couple dances.
    >   Five couples -
    >   We form one set and I get the fourth and fifth couples to dance the sequence once
    each - ie
    > fourth couple dances once and finishes in second place then the fifth couple
    As one of our members pointed out, leaving the 4th couple in 2nd place while the 5th
    couple starts is particularly hard on the original 2nd couple, as they only dance
    once as 2nd couple & twice as dancing couple. It is slightly fairer for the 4th
    couple to dance once as dancing couple and then slip to the bottom, as then the
    original 2nd couple are at least involved 4 times!
    Malcolm L Brown
    York  (UK)

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