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  • B McIntyre

    B McIntyre June 14, 2006, 4:33 p.m. (Message 45550)


    Ian Brockbank <> wrote:  Hi Robert,
    > Nobody has pointed out that the dance is much improved by being done as a 
    > duple minor(ie numbered one two one two one two all down the line of 
    > dancers). Everybody starts as if couples one and two, and the dance then 
    > goes on with the minimum number of people standing doing nothing. I was 
    > horified the first time I met it as a four couple dance, though I am
    > that it was originally intended as such. I plead the Mairi's Wedding reel 
    > protocol!
    I have to disagree here. This way if I start as a 1 I don't ever get
    that challenge of getting into line smoothly. I'm just doing the same
    thing 8 times. I would rather have some variety to what I'm dancing.
    Ian Brockbank
    Edinburgh, Scotland
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