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    RODERICK JOHNSTON June 12, 2006, 7:48 p.m. (Message 45527)

    Re: Playing for SCD

    I have great admiration for those who play by ear and those who can
    remember vast quantities of tunes.  I attended a weekend course on
    Sabhl Ostaig on Skye given by Sandy Brechin some years ago.     It was
    amazing to see young musicians who had been taught purely by ear
    listen to a tune played through once then play it back perfectly.  A
    very humbling experience.
    Etienne Ozorak <> wrote:
      There's a big difference also when you have a number of musicians playing
    the lead. It's much easier to go with one's own interpretation when there
    is a solo lead instrument, but when you have more than one, there has to
    be a way to keep everyone playing on the same page. I've gotten used to
    having three lead instruments and I don't see how you could get everyone
    to stay on the lead without music (unless yu play the same music all the
    Etienne Ozorak
    Meadville PA USA
    > Steve Wyrick:
    >> Here in the San Francisco Branch the only musician I've encountered that
    >> plays without music for Scottish country dances is Alasdair Fraser, and
    >> even he is prone to forgetting the order of tunes in a set or jumping
    >> unexpectedly into a different but similar tune; it takes a good pianist
    >> to
    >> keep up with him!
    > I've been told some time ago (by Bill Zobel, who ought to know) that when
    > Alasdair Fraser plays for a dance together with Muriel Johnstone, they
    > have
    > just a big sheet of music that gives the first bars of the various tunes
    > to
    > be played. Sigh.
    > Unfortunately as far as I know Muriel no longer subscribes to the list, so
    > this is all hearsay.
    > Anselm
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