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  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes June 11, 2006, 12:42 p.m. (Message 45507)

    Re: Murder in Canada - Off Topic

    John Chambers <> wrote:
    > I wonder if we could find a similar way to inflate the amount of  SCD
    > in  an area?  Can we find a way to pphrase the numbers so that people
    > think we're counting the dance events, but  we're  actually  counting
    > the  individual dances done at each event?  Even better, can we count
    > the dancers on the floor for each individual dance,  and  report  the
    > total  such  a  way that readers think we're counting the SCD events?
    > I'd bet that a good PR person could manage this ...
    I'm no PR person, but how about:
    "Come and dance at Anglesey Abbey this afternoon.  Scottish Country
    Dancing is so popular here right now, that in this area alone, you can
    choose from 17 dances, and that's just today."
    The full program of 17 dances is on our website...
    It is quite easy to conflate "dance event" and "dance sequence".  You
    are right, it is harder to make "dancer" mean "dance event"
    Cambridge, UK.
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