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  • John Chambers

    John Chambers June 9, 2006, 11:57 p.m. (Message 45499)

    Re: Regarding Dance Technique and Etiquette

    Martin wrote:
    | The same grip is commonly used among French traditional dancers, and
    | although I
    | insist on handshake hold on country dancing, I still like the
    | palm-to-palm style in celidh dancing, as it is firm for a
    | good fast turn than tha handshake hold.
    | If this were not true, why do (some) SCDers turn their orthodox
    | handshake into a kind of knot, twisting their wrists in order to get a
    | firm grip in 2-bar turns?
    | That is something I am not at all keen on.
    An explanation I've heard from some SCD teachers, usually along  with
    a  demo,  is that the "handshake" hold is the most versatile.  If you
    have fingers in contact, and your arms straight, you can  do  a  very
    slow,  wide  turn  that takes several bars.  Or, by moving closer and
    wrapping your wrists around the others', you can do  a  fast,  flying
    turn.  And you can adjust to any speed in between without a change of
    grip, just changing how much your arms twine around each other.
    Maybe this is why the grip developed.  Or maybe the explanation  came
    after  the fact, as people discovered this versatility of a grip that
    was originally done for some other reason (or no reason at all).
    OTOH, there's something to be said for  adopting  whatever  grip  the
    rest of the dancers are using.
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