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  • Sophie Rickebusch

    Sophie Rickebusch June 9, 2006, 5:42 p.m. (Message 45484)

    Re: Regarding Dance Technique and Etiquette

    I would tend to agree with you and not let pass something which is potentially
    dangerous. Most of the dancers in my class came to SCD through american
    barn-dancing or international folk dancing and they do have a tendency to use the
    thumb hold. Most of them quickly get the point when I explain why I do not want
    to see that in the SCD class. It may not be of much consequence in sedate,
    march-type dances, but in reels or jigs, where there is a risk that someone might
    slip while doing a fast turn, it's a different matter. If you take shake-hand
    hold and the other person stops supporting their own hand, you find yourself
    holding it up by the hand itself, which is fairly solid. Do the same with a thumb
    hold and you're left holding their thumb... just imagine what that would give if
    they slipped at full speed and you tried to hold them back! The other option
    being of course to drop hands if they slip, on the assumption that the fall will
    be less damaging than ripping out their thumb, but that wouldn't be very
    gentlemanly and my guess is they wouldn't thank you for it!
    Maybe a diplomatic way to approach this could be that you wouldn't like to risk
    causing THEM an injury - then demonstrate the point as explained above.
    Can't comment on the Postie's jig issue, as I've never come across people doing
    it with Tulloch turns.
    Sophie Rickebusch
    CH - Wettswil a. A.
    On Ven Juin 9 9:27 , 'Thomas G. Mungall, III' sent:
        Regarding dance technique and etiquette -- I attend both Scottish Country
        dance classes and vintage dance classes and I have been presented with a
        problem...what to do when people want to turn using the so called "thumb
        hold". I was always taught that this turn is incorrect and in most Scottish
        classes people use the correct handshake hold for turns. However in the
        vintage classes (which dance a pretty good number of Scottish Country
        dances) have what I call an American influence and while not all use the
        thumb hold, a good many do. My arguement is it can cause injury. Well that
        was what I was always told. My wife says that I should do in Rome as the
        Romans. My arguement is that they are wrong and I will dance correctly in
        order to avoid injury and I wish to avoid "bad habits" carrying over into
        Scottish dancing. I am however at a loss to explain what sorts of injury the
        thumb hold can cause. Can someone please throw some light on this practice.
        Any suggestions on how to approach this issue as not to cause offense?
        Another irritant is the propensity of the vintage class to want to dance the
        "Postie's Jig" using the Tulloch turn rather than the usual turns by the
        right and left giving the handshake hold.
        Thoughts? Suggestions?
        Yours aye,
        Tom Mungall

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