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  • Alexandre Rafalovitch

    Alexandre Rafalovitch June 8, 2006, 11:04 p.m. (Message 45474)

    Making RSCDS number look better (was Murder in Canada - Off Topic)

    > Can we find a way to pphrase the numbers so that people
    > think we're counting the dance events, but  we're  actually  counting
    > the  individual dances done at each event?  Even better, can we count
    > the dancers on the floor for each individual dance,  and  report  the
    > total  such  a  way that readers think we're counting the SCD events?
    > I'd bet that a good PR person could manage this ...
    Well, this is sort of on topic.
    We could report number of times a dance was danced. That would of
    course be a separate count for each set. So, say 9 sets per event, 20
    events per year including (say) The Robertson Rant and we have:
    The Robertson Rant was danced 180 times last year. That's nearly every
    second day, even if you go easy on Xmas/New Year. And that's just one
    dance. And just in USA/Germany/CountryX. When you consider more than
    10 thousand dances in the current RSCDS collection and worldwide
    membership, this makes for a lot of demand on slipstop.
    This extract can be used (without attribution) for any RSCDS promoting
    purpose. :-)

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