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  • Volleyballjerry

    Volleyballjerry June 8, 2006, 4:32 p.m. (Message 45463)

    Re: Murder in Canada - Off Topic

    And even comparing Canada with all of Rome is apples and oranges as well, one 
    a nation of vast area with vast sparsely populated rural expanses, the other 
    a densely populated city.  (Apologies for bothering to state the obvious!)
    Robb Quint
    Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
    In a message dated 06/07/2006 10:34:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
    > Apples and oranges thing. What you are doing with your murder numbers 
    > is comparing an entire country with one Roman neighborhood. Try all of 
    > Canada with all of Rome including the Vatican and see what you get. I 
    > know, the Vatican is an independent State, de jure, but de facto it is 
    > just a part of Rome with it comes to this sort of stat.

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