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  • Ron Mackey

    Ron Mackey June 1, 2006, 1:06 a.m. (Message 45440)

    RE: RSCDS Musicians Course

    On 31 May 2006 at 9:34, Pia wrote:
    From:           	"Pia" <>
    > Especially if Ron is there too - and of course it is absolutely tee-total
    > there - and people go to bed early - are extremely serious and VERY
    > unfriendly - I myself won't be going at all!
    > (and if you believe this - you will believe anything :>)
    > Pia
    	As though, Pia!
    By the way, although this will not interest Pia, has anyone noticed in 
    the Weekly Timetable books that there is to be a pay bar in the TV 
    room off the Chequered Court?
    	What with that and the IB drinkies room no-one need be 
    without a drink and a chat before meals.   I'm supposing that there 
    will be a IB meeting room again, Pia?

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