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  • suepetyt

    suepetyt May 31, 2006, 11:40 p.m. (Message 45439)

    Meet the Musician

    Just released!!
    Meet the Musician Volume 2 has just been released.  It features Robert
    Whitehead (Danelaw Band) and Nicol McLaren (Glencraig Band) in conversation.
    In the first part of the DVD Robert finds out about Nicol's musical
    influences, what started him playing, and how he sees the future.  The
    tables are then turned and Nicol finds out how Robert (an Englishman) became
    involved in traditional Scottish music and won the Scottish Accordion
    championship.  They exchange amusing stories and play some music together.
    This follows on from a very successful Volume 1 in which Robert talked to
    the well known fiddler Judith Linton and Max Ketchin the drummer with the
    Marian Anderson band.
    Each DVD lasts over an hour and is playable PAL worldwide.  We have been
    told that they also play on NTSC players, but we cannot guarantee this.
    Meet the Musician can be bought on-line at 
    Happy Dancing
    Sue Petyt
    Skype Sue Petyt

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