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  • SMiskoe

    SMiskoe May 30, 2006, 11:50 p.m. (Message 45429)

    Re: RSCDS Musicians Course

    I went to the course a year ago and I can't say enough good things about  it. 
     Even though I have many years experience playing for dancing I learned  a 
    lot of small techniques and styling and it was nice for me to have a week's  
    immersion in SCD music.  For me, too, it was nice to be with other  accordionists 
    as here in the US they are few and far between.  The music  did not arrive 
    until late June or July, I can't remember, but I read well and  decided that the 
    teachers probably wanted open minds.  After I read through  the sets a couple 
    of times I left them alone.  We had 2 morning sessions  and 1 afternoon 
    session.  Each evening there was a country dance, 2  evenings also provided ceilidh 
    dancing.  The class played designated sets  for 2 country dance evenings, the 
    last 2 of the week as I recall.  We also  played for one afternoon class.
    send me a private note if you want more information.
    Sylvia Miskoe, Concord, NH USA

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