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  • Alan Paterson

    Alan Paterson May 26, 2006, 2:14 p.m. (Message 45389)

    Re: Reels and Hornpipes

    On 26/05/2006 14:05, Anselm Lingnau wrote:
    > Alan Paterson wrote:
    >>Is there a scientific method of identifying a Hornpipe?
    > No. There is a widespread misconception that hornpipe phrases always end with 
    > a pom-pom-pom but it turns out that there are lots of hornpipes that don't as 
    > well als non-hornpipes that do.
    >>From an RSCDS-style dancer's point of view the difference between reels and 
    > hornpipes is about as important as the number of angels that can dance on the 
    > point of a pin, as the steps and tempo are 100% identical.
    Which is why DanceData doesn't have dance-type Hornpipe (despite 
    complaints in that department).
    > For an RSCDS-style 
    > musician, the matter becomes somewhat more important, as when making up sets 
    > of tunes you usually want to combine hornpipes with other hornpipes, but one 
    > can usually go by the titles or by gut feeling (I know I do).
    Test for gut feeling: If anyone has the album Best Foot Forward by Sound 
    Company (just on cassette I fear) tell me if you think the first track 
    feels like a hornpipe.
    > Then again, there's the dance, Kendall's Hornpipe, which is a jig.
    Pretty much a conversation stopper that one <grin>

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