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  • Herbold.Bruce

    Herbold.Bruce May 26, 2006, 12:43 a.m. (Message 45380)

    Braes of Mellinish was "Google has failed me"

    well a little more web surfing has revealed that the person that Tom 
    Mungall found with a last name of Mellinish is actually marked with a 
    question in the record about whether the name might have actually been 
    "Mellinick."  In any case the "Mellinish/Mellinick" is cited as an 
    Englishman, which is a bit exasperating for a question of Scottish 
    heritage.  He is also surely not the American plasterer that I found in 
    the records of Ohio yesterday, unless he was a very old plasterer. Further 
    web-surfing found that there was an Irish town called "Mount Mellinick." A 
    "mount" might be a very grandiose 'brae' but it seems an odd thing for a 
    Scottish tune and dance to commemerate an obscure Irish town. 
    Now does the Kentigern/Braes of Mellinish jig tune bear any relationship 
    to the Gow tune Major Graham that the RSCDS used for the dance? 
    Musicians??  And why is there no record in Dance Data of the use of any 
    tune under the names Kentigern Jig or The Braes of Mellinish? 
    I guess I'd best get back to doing the work I'm paid for.
    Bruce Herbold
    San Francisco Branch

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