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  • alan mair

    alan mair May 25, 2006, 10:26 p.m. (Message 45378)

    Re: google failed me!!! (Mellenish/Mellinish)

    . I found an entry on this page:
    > for a  Marion MELLINISH.
    > So, one can induct that there may in fact be a place name Mellinish.
    > However, correspondence with Undiscovered Scotland got this response:
    > "We've got a searchable Ordnance Survey 1:50K digital map of the whole of
    > Scotland, and it doesn't include either name or any close variant we
    > tried."
    I think the answer may be in the Gaelic and I don't have much. It is even
    more difficult to spell but I suspect Mellinish is Meall an .........? Meall
    an t - Seallaidh near Lochearnhead may sound familiar. There is a Meall an
    t - Sithe up in the North of Scotland which might be what you are looking
    for. Ben Nevis has the alternative name of Meall an t - Suidhe but how to
    pronounce it? Have we got a better Gaelic speaker than me on the list? A
    hill climber might help but they have probably got better things to do at
    this time of the year!!

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