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  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes May 25, 2006, 10:53 a.m. (Message 45366)

    Re: Strip The Willow (square)

    Marie Disiewicz wrote:
    > We have the pleasure of doing this dance and does someone know who
    > devised it?
    Sorry, I'm not reading 'spey as often as I should.
    My sources tell me that the dance was most likely devised by Eddie
    Upton, although that Thomas Green hasn't attributed it as such on his
    website indicates that there is uncertainty.  A large number of callers
    for English Ceilidhs appear to think that, at this stage, it is trad,
    whoever came up with it in the first place.
    Of course, all the instructions miss the best bit, which is the 5th and
    6th times though, all the men (5th) and then all the women (6th) can
    simultaneously strip the willow in a square, with a nifty 3/4 right
    hands across... (tricky to know whether sides or heads gallop first
    Cambridge, UK.
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