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  • Tappan

    Tappan May 24, 2006, 2:18 a.m. (Message 45361)

    Re: Copying Cassettes onto CD

    Don MacQueen wrote,
    >Probably the least expensive solution for getting sound into an 
    >iBook is the Griffin iMic 
    >( ). It has 
    >a place to plug in a standard audio jack, converts to USB, whereupon 
    >(I assume) drivers that you install make it into something the audio 
    >software can deal with.  US$ 40. It also includes software, Finyl 
    >Vinyl, for doing the recording, and (I would guess) splitting into 
    My daughter uses the iMic. I have one, but haven't tried it. Here's 
    what she told me about how to do it - for what it's worth. I have an 
    iMac, not PC, so don't know if the process is even remotely similar. 
    It may help someone, though.
    Jan Tappan - directions below:
    For this kind of thing, brian and I use Audio Hijack and an iMic.
    Set up Audio Hijack so it's recording the sound from your USB port, 
    plug the iMic into the headphone jack of a cassette player using a 
    double-male minijack cable, plug the iMic into the USB port and play 
    the cassette into the computer. You'll have to do the track 
    separations either as you record in real time, recording a separate 
    file for each track and stopping in between, or by editing the larger 
    file after you're done recording using MP3 trimmer.
      (you'll have to convert the Audio Hijack file into MP3 before you do 
    that, and iTunes can do that handily.)

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